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Educate Yourself


What I Feel Like Expressing

Should you Hire a Registered Dietitian?

Consulting with a Registered Dietitian is a great idea for so many reasons. Dietitians are considered food and nutrition experts; based on you as an individual, a dietitian can tailor a nutrition plan to meet specific goals. Some of the most common reasons...

Where to Start with your Nutrition

With all of the nutrition information out there, it’s easy to get confused or not know where to start. Many of my clients list the same troubles - a lack knowledge on nutrition basics due to years of miseducation, a reliance on “fad” and “trendy” diet...

Having Trouble Finding a Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

"Temple has helped me to make so much progress with my health. She took the time to learn about my concerns and my goals and recommended a diet plan that helps me to have more energy, more focus, and reduced levels of body fat. Prior to meeting with Temple, I had done some research on my own about the benefits of low-carb, high-fat diets, but she helped me to realize that some of the information I had found online wasn't right for my body type and my lifestyle. "

Deborah Kloeckner

"Temple has been a huge help in getting my diet under control. I was diagnosed with kidney failure about 9 months ago. Temple was always available if I had any questions and was a wealth of information and support! I highly recommend anyone seeking nutritional help to seek Temple out! Thank you for all your help Temple! You are a God send!!!"

Todd Raymond

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